Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Bit of Nostalgia

Donuts Delight opened up in 1957 and has always been THE place for donuts in Rochester! Krispy Kreme is just a cheap imitation of a donut compared to Donuts Delight. So, we went down memory lane and went to Donuts Delight which happens to now be Salvatores Pizza AND Donuts Delight......a very unlikely have ourselves a donut.

Pete had the Banana Creme. Fantastic!

I had the Black Raspberry Apple. Amazing!!
Sooooooo good. But, you can only have one......they are larger than most donuts.

Just a few of my round beads to show ya............I am working on putting some new Pandora Style Beads in my Etsy Shop....check them out later. I LOVE them!


Sushi said...

Hi Linda, I LOVE Donuts Delite it brings wonderful memories and am so glad it opened again. When they closed 5 yrs. ago I was pregnant and would go EVERY morning to get my choc cream filled donut but I would eat more than 1 Ha!!!! Can't wait to see you at Clothesline :-)

Miss Val's Creations said...

This place sounds sinful!!!! Black raspberry and apple?!?!? I'd love for these guys to expand my way!