Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting Balanced

Just finished the second full week of the new school year! Time really does go by fast. I have a new schedule to my classes this year and I haven't quite adjusted to the new rhythm. The day goes by so quick but there is little to no time to do the necesssary art room up keep.........materials, products, etc....I know I'll find my way thru it all but adjusting takes a bit of time.

With this new school schedule I admittedly have had a difficult time fitting my beadie life into my routines. In part because I'm tire! This weekend I will again be at the torch preparing and making what I hope to be some awesome items! Sadly, I have nothing to show you as of yet, but please stay tuned.

Along with bead making, I also have Book Club! I love our book club......we have been together for so many years and its just nice to know you have friends that are truely FRIENDS. We have been there for each other thru some tough times and good times.......we are all different but we all love each others differences. Pictured above is just 3 members. Our dear 4th couldn't make it to our last meeting. We are not a hugh group but actually thats what makes it great.....Tomorrow we meet at Sue's house! Can't wait. Wanted to show them my Nook I bought but I was so excited about it after I showed our librarian, Karen, I left it out on my desk and forgot to bring it home!

Today Pete and I are going on a tour of Downtown Lofts and other buildings called Inside Downtown, presented by the Landmark society. We've done similar tours in the past years and everytime, we are so amazed and impressed with what we see. The renovation of historical buildings into living spaces, the achitechure, and of course, the decorating. You think you know the city you live in but after taking a tour of this type, you realize how much more there is to learn. I am interested in local history and just love to learn more.


Stefani said...

That Inside Downtown tour sounds amazing - I'll have to check out future events!

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Kristin Dudish said...

I'm so glad I found your blog - your beads are beautiful!

And, since I'm a Buffalo girl it's good to know about Donuts Delight ;)

Linda said...

Hi Kristin! Glad you found me :) Hope you come back often! Oh, Donut Delight is worth a trip to the bench is fun to have your picture taken on :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Book clubs are such a great way to get together with friends! Best of luck juggling everything!!!