Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creating Balance

Its been a little bit since my last post, I know. The school year has started which means I'm back in the art room (yeah!!!), my last outdoor show took place a few weeks ago (a great show but thankful its done), I took an awesome glass class with Bronwen Heilman (freakin fantastic) and now I have to re balance my life. Weave in time for blogging (I love to blog), create a new workout schedule (hard with so many things taking up my time) and making sure I get down time.....this is very important to me!! I so need and enjoy time with no comittments or "have to's". Last weekend I took the entire two days and did NOTHING!! I haven't done that in a while and it felt wonderful.

Today is back to bead making. The kiln is warming and I'm shaking off a headache that I woke up with. My day started with an Art Meetup I hosted for students and parents. It was seeing car loads of families with donuts, coffee and kids ready to take part in a scavenger hunt I had planned.

Beads......Yes......I will be working on a few things in a bit but here is a small sample of what I've done recently:

A new bead ring! Love these interchangeable rings......I should have a bunch ready soon.

Bangles! Now I have a better selection of sizes! They sold well at my last show!

Abstract flat bracelets too! Love these........very comfy.


Karen Beth said...

Omg such eye candy! I love all your designs! especially the bangles. And I've always loved sugar skulls.

Linda said...

How kind of you Karen :) Thank you so much! The bangles wear really nice....finding a nice average size is tricky however.