Monday, May 28, 2012

Sand Pail List

With summer approaching and vacation time just weeks away, I thought I'd sit and compose a "Bucket List" for the summer....actually a "Sand Pail" list. I saw this term in this months issue of Better Homes and Garden and immediately loved it! So, here it goes, my Sail Pail list for the summer~

:: plant a vegetable garden
:: walk each morning...its okay to miss one or two due to rainy weather.
:: sit on the beach and watch the sunrise one morning.
:: paint a large canvas for our living room that is colorful and spontaneous!
:: create a number of paintings for a fall exhibit (I'm having a show of my paintings!!)
:: take  yoga classes
:: take a long bicycle ride with Pete.....I'm thinking a day long bicycle trip.
:: make ice cream!
:: make pickles! Pete loves the bread and butter pickles I make.
:: get more pedicures. Or, give myself a pedicure more often! I love painted toe nails and pedicures are just so darn relaxing.
:: learn more about aromatherapy and make my own household cleaning products, beauty care and scents! I'm actually doing this now but figured to just keep going with it over the summer.
:: start that quilt thats on my bucket list! I'm a random kinda girl so I think I'm just going to create a simple quilt...queen size.....I love fabric and sewing but I don't do enough of it to call myself good at it.
:: give my sewing machine a workout this summer and make stuff.
:: create art journals based on our two vacations this summer........cape cod and british colombia/ seattle.
:: finish some of my knitting projects that I seem to loose interest in after awhile :)

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Kate said...

A sand pail list! What a great idea! And I love your list. Have fun with them!