Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things that Drive Me Nuts!

I'm in a great mood now and most all the time....I've never been depressed. 99% of the time I'm just happy with life in general. But there are things that drive me nuts....we all have our pet peeves and some of your's may be on my list too. Here are just a few things that make me nuts or CAN make me nuts if I've had a bit of a stressful day.

:: Music. Yes. Music can make me nuts! At the end of my day I often need dead air since I've been surrounded by little people who need all of my attention and typically they are not quiet. I need to drive home in complete silence to re calibrate my head. Music is wonderful but it also has the power to bug the heck out of me.
:: Meetings. Sooo many meetings are just plain pointless. With technology today you'd think that meetings could better utilize our busy work schedules by being on the computer or skyped. But there we sit. Meetings that are either silly or don't directly impact us. Makes me nuts.
:: People who mind the business of others. Why? I've got enough on my plate that I don't need a scoop of someones elses crap to worry about or compare my life to.
:: Okay this one relates to the first one....children singing badly or playing an instrument badly. I know we all start somewhere and you have to practice and be encouraged but ears! So glad no one in my house plays an instrument.

Note to self:: I'm sound sensitive apparently.

:: People who don't acknowledge or give credit where credit is due. I've learned to live with this one but it still shocks me when someone can't just say, "thanks to so and so, I'm doing this" or "wow, so and so had a great idea" or "I admire how so and so does this, so I thought I'd give it a try".......come on people.
:: People who don't say "Good Morning" back when your out on a walk. Whats up with that?
:: The empty can of dog food sitting on my counter left from this morning from someone who lives wasn't me!
:: Looking forward to a few chips and then discovering someone ate them all!
:: Loud people. Wow. I am sound sensitive! I find this type of person completely and totally bothersome. Hard to really get to know this type of person cause they are so loud and attention seeking that they suck the air out of the room.
:: The Smart Car. I HATE this car. It could provoke me to hit it a few times with a baseball bat. Why in the world would someone by this death wagon is beyond me.

Okay. Did any of these ring true for you??


Bobbie Pene said...

OMG I thought I was reading about myself for a second there. I crave silence sometimes. It really annoys me when people don't say hello back or purposely avoid eye contact when I'm out running/walking......everything you have said is me. I don't work with children, but I work in a hospital where things are always happening and my husband plays a guitar and my children have the tv loud to counter the noise from the guitar. When no-one is home except me - I listen to the beautiful relaxing sound of "silence".

Linda said...

So glad to find a kindred spirit!!! Silence is a wonderful thing. I try to have a day of complete silence every once in a while......hard to do but even if its for 1/2 the day its sooo worth it!!
My husband totally thinks I'm nuts about the music thing.....but my sister is also like this but I think I'm even more so. Love music at the right time just not all the time....weird but so me :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, boy, do I know what you mean about craving silence! One of my kids is quiet like me, but the other one and the hubby are noise loving peeps! Those two can't imagine why I'm so crabby when the tv is loud, a radio is blaring, and everyone is talking a mile a minute, lol...thank goodness for her, the noisy child and her father understand each other, otherwise the poor kid might burst from all the noise bottled up inside when the Mom demands a lower volume.

Anonymous said...