Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life: Amazing and Strange

It seems that I seem to get myself back on track with blogging and then something else that requires significant attention crops up and takes me away again. So I say yet again.........I'm getting back to blogging on my regular basis!

Two weeks ago my beloved dog, China Girl, had to be put to rest. She was 15 years old and just recently began to go down hill....rather fast. Although it was not definitively diagnosed, she had liver cancer or possibly blood cancer. We did what was best for her, and put her to rest. It broke my heart and I was unable to do much before and then after her death.

I got myself back on track only to have our second dog, Winston, develop a neurological problem (pictured above)....he can not use his hind leg and falls. This means constant supervision and we have to assist him with everything!

I LOVE our dog/dogs and would do anything for them but this is challenging. To keep my sanity, I am doing my best to blog more and stress less. There is a Buddhist Relic exhibit here this weekend that I think I'll go to and see if I find peace in this...

On a bead note....bead making is therapy so I will be beading more husband and I will take turns caring for our dog.

See you on my blog :)

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