Saturday, September 15, 2012

Torching for Beads of Courage!

Good morning everyone. I know I've been away from posting here lately but I'm getting myself back in the saddle! Summer flew by, two big shows are now behind me, our house now has beautifully restored hardwoods and MOST things are back in place. Although it was so worth getting our floors done, the process involved a lot of labor for us! Packing, storing, moving everything as if we were moving out was much more than I imagined! But....we are 95% back together again.

Today I will be torching for Beads of Courage. All the beads I create today will be donated to this cause. I am a BIG believer in giving and feel that I could really put my talents to use with this organization. This will be my first of many torch days so when I announce the next one, I will also arrange for a way for YOU to be part of things too.

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