Monday, June 3, 2013

Hearts for Hannah- Batch #1

Here is Batch #1 of my Hearts for Hannah. I was rushing around so the image isn't top notch but most hearts here read pretty true to color. The heart at "7:00" is a lovely denim looking blue with turquoise raised dots...lots of reflection in this image so you don't get a true sense of it.

Here is how it works:

:: Please comment HERE to let me know which one you would like. This way others can see who has claimed what heart.
:: Comments DON'T show until I read them....a feature on my blog that lets me preview comments before listing them.
:: Hearts are 25.00 each. Checks or cash only made payable to me. At the end of the fundraiser a large (hopefully) check is made out to Joining Hearts and Hands for the full amount collected.
:: I can NOT take special requests/orders. If you really, really want a particular heart you are welcomed to order one from me after the fundraiser.
:: I will post both on my blog and my facebook page when I will be posting a new batch of Hearts.
:: Remember- This is a month long fundraiser. Be patient. I believe that 99% of those who want a heart get one :)

A gentle reminder:

* I try to say this with the most care and gentleness, I can NOT accept request or orders during this fundraiser. This is a time consuming endeavor which I do after my regular work hours. Orders put a damper on my heart production and suck me dry of creativity.

* Please consider that I lovingly donate all my materials, time, skills and proceeds to this fundraiser. Please know that I would love to make you a heart (or something else) once the fundraiser is finished so please consider visiting my Etsy Shop or visiting me at my booth at a number of Summer festivals!


rochesterarts said...

White with black dots

rochesterarts said...

white with black dots

Linda said...

Hi! I've set that one aside for you! This is Janice right?

Elizabeth Coene said...

Could I get the one at 12 o'clock or the one at 8 o'clock? -E. Coene

E Coene said...

May I have the one at 12 or the one at 8 please? E. Coene

Kim said...

Hi Linda,
I'd be interested in the one you described as denim with turquoise dots.

Melissa Cushman said...

Green please

Linda said...

Elizabeth- The twelve o'clock is yours!
Kim- The denim one is yours!
Melissa- the green one is yours!

The ones remaining are:
One black with ivory dots
the light purple with darker purple dots.

Thanks everyone!

Kerry Egerton said...

Can I have the black with ivory

Linda said...

Hi Kerry,
I have your heart you wanted. You can message me here or email me and we can arrange either a pick up time if you are local or I can mail it to you. Thank you so very much! ~ Linda