Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hearts for Hannah- Batch #2

Batch #2! Lovely florals....pinks, orange, blues and a little brown. Remember, leave a comment HERE to let me and everyone know which heart you would like.


Melanie Grieve-Beal said...

OKay, I am little excited about the hearts...Melanie Grieve-Beal would like either a pink flower heart or brown one with purple flower.
I have send several messages, all the same. I should have read the directions on bottom first.
Thank you.
Melanie Grieve-Beal

Linda said...

Hi Melanie,
Right now both are available. I will set one of the pink ones a aside for you :)

Elizabeth Coene said...

Hello! I left a message on FB that I was interested in the heart at 12 o'clock. I hope it's still available!

Patti said...

I would like the brown heart at the top with the purple flower on it please.

Linda said...

Elizabeth, you have the one at the top
Patti, sorry...Elizabeth got to it a little bit before you.

Jones said...

That is some nice handy work you made there, Linda! I always found these hand crafted things interesting, and the people who make it, even more interesting! :)