Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Welcomed Long Weekend

We have a long weekend and boy was I looking forward to it. Yes, relaxing just a bit but what I really wanted was some extended time at the torch. Next weekend is the Holiday Bazaar and I am in desparate need of stuff....all my stuff is either sold or at the Gallery. So, a Busy Bee am I.

Althought I have been working away it just seems like I still have little to show for it all. I seem to always feel like this prior to a show.....I guess I like the stress and worry of it all. How wierd. I do have things and some NEW items too. I just get panicy.

In between beading I had some fun too. Last night Sue and I went to Tasteology, a new resturant that another friends brother-in-law opened recently. I liked what I got...a tempe dish with hot peppers, curry and other stuff. Sue didn't particulary care for her soup however. She didn't get any of the califlower or broccoli that was suppose to be in there. But, she did like her Indian or was it Thai Beer. After dinner we headed over to Barnes and Noble to listen to a lecture by Denis Defibaugh. He's a photography professor at RIT and just released a photo-documentary on Days of the Dead. The images are magnificent. Thanks to Marcia.....she sent me the info on this!

On Thursday night I'm taking a class with Organic Jane on aromatherephy. We will be mixing our own blends that are suppose to help your immune system. My sister is coming with me.....I'm sure we will have a great time. I hope to bring my camera...I've got a new phone that takes pics but I don't know how to send the images to my e-mail address.....

Well, enough blabbing....I have to make beads. :)

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