Monday, November 19, 2007


Well the Holiday Bazaar is done. Its such a wonderful feeling to have that is over, the packing, the displaying and the take down is completed. I feel so relaxed after a show. I can't relax too long however. I have a gallery exhibit for the month of December in Honeoye. I'll be posting directions and more info later.

Shows are so hard or impossible to predict. Nothing is in stone and you certainly can't rely on good crowds or good sales. A friend and neighbor at the show....a glassblower named Alex, was down in the dumps about the show....his sales weren't up to par so he said. My sales were down slightly but I definitly can't complain one bit. He actually asked if he could work for me....jokingly of course. Friday night was extremely busy for me but Saturday was rather slow...and Sunday was fairly busy. Its just not like art festivals of the summer months. I had to keep reminding Alex of that before he through himself off the belcony.

One of the most exciting things this weekend was the wonderful response to my new necklace design. I introduced this necklace at Clothesline (they sold out) and made a few more for the Bazaar.....they sold out Friday night...therefore I don't have any images!!!!! Dont' worry, I'm working on more and will show them off on my site soon. I actually had a customer come back on Sunday to tell me how many compliments she has recieved wearing it. She also mentioned she wore it to a knitting group meeting and as she put it, "everyone was examining it to see how it was done" Great. My design will be knocked off before I can get an image up here!!! I hope not. But, some people just don't get it....they don't see how inappropriate it is to copy a design with little to no variation. Happily, I don't focus to much on this little issue. But I did get a laugh when my husband pointed out that this place was advertising a copy right and legal rights course.

Well, I'm heading to the couch to do nothing but watch t.v. I deserve a break....right??? Oh, check in on Friday. I will have a holiday give away....see what I've unearthed in my studio.

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