Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shame on Me!

Yes, its been awhile since I've posted here. The holiday season makes time just fly by. I've been setting up my display at a gallery in Honeyoe Falls, preparing for a "Santa's Helpers" event at Spirit Works and doing all the other work & family stuff. I'm waiting to exhale after the holidays!

Hmmmm, what to chat about??? Well, we had our holiday book club meeting last night a Phillips European...a delightful resturant with the most fabulous desserts. The book we discussed, The Remainder, was given a thumbs down by most all of us. Sue, is our perpetual Silver Lining girl....she finds the best in everything. She was the only one who claimed to LOVE the book. My secret goal is to find a book she HATES just as passionately as she likes things :) Not really, but you do begin to wonder what would make her not like something.

At our holiday book club we swap gifts. Its always fun to see what we all get. You see you just buy a gift and we draw numbers. The person who is number 1 gets to chose first....the next person can take the gift that number one opened or take an unwrapped one....and so on. Its great fun. Everyone is "nice" generally....but every once and a while someone with take a gift. I like when that happens....gets the blood pressure and nerves going. I ended up with a package of Burts Bee's lip glosses, a Vera Bradley make up bag, blueberry jam and a mitten cookie cutter. I love them all!

Next Friday night is my Tacky Gift and Cookie Exchange. Its s fun girls night out. Of course I've sent out invites but haven't heard back as to who is coming. I know my book worm buddies will be here but, who knows, that might be it!! I'm sure others will come but I always worry like that. With a gathering happening here, you know I'll have to transform into June Cleaver and start cleaning this weekend.....I hate that!

I continue to plug away at creating things but I will admit, I've slowed down a bit. We are approaching the years end and thats generally the time when I can take a short but needed break from the break neck pace. I have a number of things brewing for mid Winter so don't you think for one minute that I'm resting on my laurels! Just a sweet bit of down time to re-energize.

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