Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! I love the holiday season. Family gatherings, friends, good food and gift giving and getting! Christmas Eve we host at our home and we had plenty of good food and good times. My two nieces and nephew are just too much fun.....we continued the game we were playing at Thanksgiving....well, its not really a game, its a conversation starter type thing. Well, the kids LOVE it! The "game" is called Table Topics and it really gets everyone involved.....even teens and quiet husbands! You really find out lots about one another.

Christmas Eve however did not start out with food preparation or house cleaning as you might, I was at the knit shop finsihing up my sisters gift. I figured that I had NO time for mistakes so I chose to sit at the shop and knit my guts out. Plus, lovely Pam took pitty on me and helped me out a lot! The clogs were finished and felted by the time everyone arrived. They were still damp however when I gave them to my sister on Christmas morning. She loved them. I'm making a pair for myself just so I can keep familiar with new knitting techniques that I learned on this project from hell.

Today, the day after Christmas, we have already been out and about. We started with getting our passports.....yes, travel is in my future! Got that taken care of then we headed out to Ulta where I had to get mascara and a cool hair attach it so that it looks like a streak.... bad explaination but I'll show you when I have it in. Now I'm getting ready to go to the hair dresser. I'm getting my hair highlighted and low lighted. A new year and a new do! I sure hope it comes out okay. Tomorrow, I go for my massage and yoga!

Are you wondering about beads at all? I'm a beadmaker and jewelry designer right?! Yes, I'll be back on task tomorrow. I have to take advantage of free time when I get it!

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