Sunday, December 30, 2007

What do we learn from this?

Just a little something to share.....this is the last of my Tassel Pendants. I picked up my things from the Gallery exhibit at Okee's since she closes her shop until February. I'll be bringing NEW things to her once she re-opens. We are planning a trunk show in March (Springtime!!!) so please stay tuned for information.

Today was a sad day since I attended a funeral for a 23 year old. This young man had his life before him but was shot & killed defending a girl getting beat up. Someone today asked, "What do we learn from this" .....I replied that it should remind us all to be kind to everyone we know or meet, do our best not to be hateful, and to always help those in matter what. Life is too short to be hateful, jealous and nasty. Its hard sometimes not to be overcome by these negative emotions but death certainly puts things back in perspective for us. Hug someone & tell them they are just never know what will happen.

Needless to say, I didn't make any beads today. I'll be at the torch tomorrow bright and early! I will be posting new things either later today (pendants & rings) or tomorrow. The husband wants to watch the movie The Simpsons so I hope you will check in tomorrow.
Be Happy! :) Linda

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