Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buy Handmade

The Grinch is my all time favorite holiday story to watch. It doesn't matter if its the original or the new version with Jim Carey....I just love the Grinch.

Check out this website....www.buyhandmade.org Of course, I like this message!
A handmade gift is so much more meaningful. I like gifts of all sorts but buying or making something handmade is just EXTRA special. The gifts that my husband, father, aunt, or uncle have made me are things that I treasure. So, Buy Handmade people.....or Make something! Nothing says love more than hand crafted goodies.

I'm about to download some NEW items. I had these little lovelies at the Holiday Bazaar and they sold out on the first night! You want to know what they are???.............sorry, you have to check back and find out for yourself.

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