Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some New Things

I've done a little bit of work over the last few days and had to quickly take pictures before delivering them to Spirit Works Knit Shop. One or two may need to have a picture re-do but I'm going to put them up anyways. These are my NEW Large Stacked buttons. These are a fairly good size suitable for sweaters or bags. I'm wild about them and have plans for a few of my own.
I actually forgot to put these up on my site! I'll do that later. These also are stacked buttons. They are a bit smaller in size and are paired with either hearts of flowers.....Lov'em. Its just been a button making bash out in my studio....lots of orders and shops to supply. Here is another of my latest designs....Poppies. All sorts of colors are available. The sculpural quality makes them so organic & flowing.....Beautiful. Well, I have more but you'll just have to look at my Bead & Button page and my Earring page....I'm in process of getting the old stuff off and moving on with the new stuff. About time Huh?! If I had more hours in the day and just one job to focus on then maybe I'd be better....then again, maybe not....I spend a heck of a lot more time at the torch!!

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Cherry Runway said...

I love these buttons! So pretty! I love when you put hearts on your buttons and beads, and always love the color combos your choose!

Merry Holidays!!