Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have you ever checked the messages inside a Dove chocolate wrapper? These holiday messages are ones that make you think....and do!

I've been going nuts making these fingerless mitts for those on my "nice" list. Remember a few posts back? Buy handmade....or make something? Well, I can only give people just so many jewelry items before they roll there eyes, so this year its knitted items! I've actually had a great time making these. My hands always have to be doing something...this makes for a great activity in front of the television...the re-runs are getting to me!

Tomorrow night is my Sister and I's traditional dinner and pedicure night. We meet at Dominics, have a great dinner and then head off for a pedicure and more girl talk. Yes, I'm bringing my NEW little early Christmas present to myself. Can't wait for Friday however....last day for 2 whole weeks! Can you guess what I'll be doing lots of???

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