Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy New Years Eve! In just about an hour we will be gathering with our funny family to laugh, play games and eat! I'm suppose to be making shrimp dip but as you can see....I decided to blog instead. The dip must wait. Peter and I had a great New Years dinner just the two of us....nothing too fancy. We had those handmade raviolis from the ravioli shop and bread with dipping oil. Yuuummmmyyyyy. I'm stuffed and we haven't gone anywhere yet.

Karma is my sisters crazy little dog pictured above with Peter. She has the loudest most ear piercing yip I've ever heard. My sister has a bark collar for her and once thats on...Karma barks once, gets a little shock and then is quiet the rest of the time. Karma isn't bright enough to realize that the collar is whats zapping this routine of bark once and then get zapped is constant. She is so darn cute however.....I love her. Peter and I thought we'd really get the party started and bring one of our dogs to the gathering tonight. Our dogs are so hyper and so dominating that my sisters dogs get plastered against the wall when there around...afraid to move! No, we won't bring them.....but a fun thought anyways.

Well the hubby has given my fair warning to hurry and make that dip! So enjoy the night and see you in the new year.

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