Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oh, What Fun We Had!

Last night was my Tacky Gift Exchange & Cookie Swap. It's always a gamble as to how a holiday party might go. Either many people attend and its great or family commitments and illness keep guests from coming. The crowd last night was perfect. Just the right size actually. I had a few people call at the last minute with issues that kept them away....they were missed but we partied on.

Two great friends surprised me and showed up! Donna and Lisa are dear sweet friends that I just don't see enough of. I hadn't heard if they were going to be able to make it so I was delighted to see them at my door. We have so much "history" together that getting back into each others lives takes mere seconds. Oh, and my sister brought one of her "ole" girlfriends....Danielle....and she was just a riot with her "old stories" I've known Danielle for years too. I was friends with her brothers. She always fills me in with good gossip about my old boyfriend...Howard...but last night I gave her a good scoop to report back to her brothers on. Its great being with good friends....but then the stories of past naughty behavior comes up....that always tarnishes my "snow white" image. She shared a story twice last night which I will not share here but the last time she told it I was laughing so hard that I was actually crying! Oh, my.....youth is such a folly.

This morning I picked up my friend Jean at 7:00 and dragged her to the public market. I should have brought my camera.....the vendors set up in the darkness of early morning was beautiful. Why can't I ever remember that darn camera??? Now, before I picked up Jean I had to take a shot of Pepto since my stomach was a bit upset from last nights indulgences. But....that did not stop my from having a Veggie Emponada with hot sauce at the Empanada Stop at the Public Market.....a favorite little place of mine. Once I got home however I had to take more Pepto and lay down....I hope this isn't really something other than bad food indulgence!

Beads to make later today....I've a bunch of Christmas gift orders to complete. I have studio cleaning to do too. Maybe I'll get my act together and get a picture or two to show you tomorrow.
Happy Saturday......:) Linda

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