Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Gallery

I've been busy at the torch and getting ready to take some pics. I'm just waiting for some sunshine! Natural light helps with taking a good image. I need all the help I can get since I don't spend anytime learning what to do with that darn camera. Things will be changing with that however....I'm sick of not knowing so I'm doing something about it!

Along with changing my hairstyle I've changed the look here on my blog. Love the banner.....thanks to good ole buddy MaryJo....she helps me out and trains me on web stuff. I'm learning so much from her! Well along with NEW things happening here I'm also going to be at a new gallery. Well the gallery isn't new...I'm new to IT. For the past two years now I've done a month long holiday gallery show at Okee's located in Honeyoe Falls. She has done very well selling my work so she has asked that I keep things with her year around. Nice. She is a wonderful woman and her gallery/shop is amazing. I always leave inspired by what I've seen there.

Oh, and another NEW a few short days you will be able to visit my Etsy Shop!! Another way to get exposure and an opportunity to sell my things. This place could be addicting....lots of cool stuff for sale here. I'll keep you posted and provide you with a link as soon as I'm ready.

Time to clean myself up and head to the studio. I have things to put together and to make!

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