Saturday, November 29, 2008

Teavana Nirvana

Yesterday was Black Friday and Peter and I got almost all our Christmas shopping DONE! We took advantage of early hours and early bird specials too. We "wrapped up" our shopping at around 10:30 and then went home for a nice big breakfast.

Later we went out to my favorite mall, Eastview, and just walked around. I was happily surprised to find a new Teavana shop!! I LOVE Teavana........I was turned on to it a few years ago when I was at an Art Teacher conference in Boston. I spent a small fortune then on tea and honey...........14.00 for a jar of honey! I had to have it :) So, last night I hooked Peter up to the Teavana craze and we brought home some amazing Chai.....43.00 type of amazing tea. I have a nack for gravitating towards the expensive. But it was well worth it. So, if you are near a Teavana, go there....your taste buds will love you and tea bags will be a thing of the past.

Today I will be putting some things together, making buttons and preparing for my Tacky Gift & Cookie Swap! Can't wait!!!


angelinabeadalina said...

Congrats on "wrapping up" the holiday shopping in one fell swoop! You're a brave soul to head out into that early morning madness! My hubby talked me into going a for a bit later in the day, and that was a big enough dose of shopping for me for a while. . .I avoid it mostly because I have expensive taste, too, and can quickly get into trouble if I find something like Teavana that appeals to me. Btw, I still can't get used to the taste of tea, but your description makes it sound so heavenly that I think I'll have to try it again before long. Merry Christmastime!

Oh, and the sprocket earrings and pierced heart are both very cool looking!

Linda said...

Miss Angelinadeadalina your just the best. Thanks for the props on the earrings. If the daylight stays with me a 1/2 hour longer I'll get more pics of other earrings. give Teavana a try. Its delicious...I hope you will agree. Oh, and I loath shopping. I only go when I have lots of money and a need for something!