Monday, November 24, 2008

Where In The World Have I Been??

Yeap. I've neglected my Posting responsibilities. Work, work, work.......and the Holidays. That about sums up what has had me behind the 8 ball. I so love posting too. Its actually very relaxing. I promise to be better :)

I have spent sometime on the worldwide web however.....About a month or so ago I created a Facebook page. I only have 6 friends right now but hope that will grow. I was kind of surprised that only a few of my close friends are hooked up with Facebook. I figured I was the last to jump on board being the procrastinator that I am. I did find an old friend from highschool. I think thats the best part of facebook.....meeting up with people you lost touch with. I'd love to have some of YOU as friends on Facebook! Click on my link over on the right side....I'll be waiting to become friends with you:)

I have some interesting Hearts that I've been working on. Not ready to share them yet since I have to do a few things to them. I think they will come out pretty cool but you can be the judge of that once I show them.

I'm also getting ready for my annual Tacky Gift and Cookie Swap next Friday! It should be tons of fun. I've got some great people coming that will sure to make the night silly and just plain fun.


rosebud101 said...

I'm on facebook. I'll look you up. Will you be my friend? I'm anxious to see the hearts.

Linda said...

Hey Rosebud! Of course....I'd be thrilled to be your friend!! Oh, and I haven't forgotten....I need to do a write up on you:) I'll email you some questions okay?