Friday, April 17, 2009

And The Bidding Has Begun!!

It was exciting for me to get the news that once my piece was posted for auction for The Glass Gala that it quickly received a few bids!! I will be watching to see just how much this fun neckpiece will bring in for the gallery.....I hope you will consider placing a bid too :) Check my Glass Gala link to the right to see whats what!

Next week is my Trunk Show at the Gallery and I've got some really NEW things to share. You will see that I have a lot more metal in my work and have begun to incorporate other treasures too. This transformation of mine really began last summer and has simply progressed. I'm really pleased with things and look forward to honing my newer skills to keep my work moving forward.

Part of my pleasure in making jewelry and glass beads is that I do it because it makes me HAPPY rather than HAVING to do it to make a living. I love my day job as an Art Teacher and can't imaging not doing that job! My glass/jewelry work is my theraphy....its how I destress and play. I make what makes me happy....I create my mood......But, I also pay attention to the world around me. News, fashion trends, culture....all play a role in what moves me and I bet you too. I hope to see you next week....I'm anxious to share!

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rosebud101 said...

Woooohoooo! Good luck with the bidding! It's a gorgeous piece of wearable art!