Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty Impressed

My Trunk Show at the Memorial Art Gallery began last night and Today I was there from noon until 4:00. When I entered the Gallery I was amazed to see so many people gathered about wearing name tags...looking rather important. As I headed towards the shop I over heard people speaking French, Italian and other languages........hmmmm, what was going on here??! I was told that there was an international music something or other going on and it was taking place in conjuntion with the Eastman School of Music. Wow. I was pretty impressed with little ole Rochester.....we suddenly seemed so international & chic!!

Here was my first customer of the day...Oh, I do love the wee ones :) This four year old sure knew how to shop...picked the perfect bracelet for her outfit! I had plenty of visitors today and loved meeting with them all. I had a few "glass" friends pop in also....its always nice to have fellow glassworkers/ jewelers supporting one another. My dear friend Nancy will be having her show next week and Jeanne & Brett will follow. Of course I will be there for them during their shows & wishing them the best!

The auction is going great too. I'm kinda tickled to see that my necklace has a bid of 350.00 so far. Puts a smile on my face...Well, I think I'll head out for an ice cream and call it a night. A little reading, a little t.v watching and then tomorrow its off to the Gallery again.

Oh, check out my Necklace page....I finally added a few new items. I'm thinking of adding a "Buy Now" button to my site....what do you think??? Of course that means I must keep up with my updates too

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Jenn said...

That youngter has EXCELLENT taste!