Monday, July 20, 2009

How I Felt

I like to teach felting in the summer. It's so much easier managing the wetness when your outdoors teaching and you can just squeeze the water out onto the patio..... without getting up! Last week I taught a small class and shared how to make beads, felt flat pieces, how to needle felt, etc.... I shared all the little tips I know about keeping things simple and relatively controlled. Felting is definitly addicting since its fairly easy and inexpensive to do.

Those who take my class leave with plenty of beads and a somewhat finished pin. I encourage that much of the embellishing to be done at home when you can spend more time and really contemplate what you want to do. I have a selection of glass buttons and people pick one to be the focal of their pin. So much fun to see what everyone does.

Carol was my lovely student the other night and for a few hours we felted like crazy. During my Open House Carol came by and brought her finished pin to show off. It looks fantastic don't you think?!!!

I FELT so proud :)


angelinabeadalina said...

Felting sounds like so much fun, and I love Carol's pin. I also really like that Saint & Sinner necklace!

Linda said...

Isn't her pin great! You've got to try felting. Your kids would have fun with it too.

My muse definitly has me exploring different glass these days. I like the meaning behind the necklace....we are all a little of both :)

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Carol's pin is great! Sure wish I lived closer. I'd take a class from you!

hotglassbabe said...

I love felting too! I would have loved to have taken your class. What a great summertime activity!! :)