Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kids R Kute

Last Saturday during my Open House I had Kristen's daughter of Gocksfrocks do a bit of modeling for me. She was a natural model.

I love her hairstyle and smile....

I kept thinking of her as a woodland fairy....too bad I didn't have a fake toadstool for her to sit on! My cast iron chair worked fine however.

And here is the big close up. I only wish I had a different necklace on her....something a bit more lively.


hotglassbabe said...

Love the necklaces.... and your model couldnt be cuter!


Silver Parrot said...

What a great model! And the necklaces are lovely, too!

angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, tell her she might have a budding career, especially if an artist needs a model to pattern a woodland fairy hit it right on the head, I think she has a very sprite-like quality with that sweet smile and lively hair and sprinkling of freckles.

Your necklaces are adorable, too! Such lively colors!