Saturday, March 6, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

1. So amazing how one week can be so different from the previous. Last week Friday we actually had our first snow storm and snow day off from school. This Friday you could just smell spring in the air. Sun was shining, snow has melted a lot and the birds were singing. I love spring and all that it brings.

2. I am not a big fan of doing daily housework. I just don't have time to keep things neat and in place 24/7. Thats not to say that I don't like things orderly 'cause I do but I perceive it as a vicious thankless cycle that I have little extra time for.  However, the simple task of cleaning my kitchen was actually meditative and peaceful. Time to pause and think while washing the dishes, a maintained focus on putting things in there place and then enjoying the result of a fresh smell and tidy environment. A clean kitchen is a beautiful thing!

3. Simple silence. The morning starts with the television & listening to the news. The ride to work has the radio with more news. The school day has children and teachers talking, meeting, helping, explaining....etc. The ride home is more of the same radio followed by television followed by talking with family and phone calls. I actually enjoy stretches of time in silence. No noise of any kind. Just space to think and be completely relaxed. I did that for almost 2 hours and it was fabulous!


Beadwright said...

I am with you on so many points. The silence is what I aim for during the day. Time with self, time with spirit, time with the universe in silence.


Linda said...

I think we are all just bombarded with way to much noise of all kinds.....silence is peaceful and so meditative. Trying to get my husband to try it.

Laurie said...

I totally agree about the silence thing.