Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Challenge

In art class later this month our school will be hosting a Monet traveling art exhibit so I felt it was fitting to use this as my March challenge. Monet was all about light. Capturing light and shadow during different points of the day. One day I hope to be lucky enough to visit his home/museum in France but at this point I simply must enjoy images.

So what does Monet's work say to you? This image of the Japanese bridge arching over a portion of a pond filled with waterlilies is one he revisited time after time. Something interesting to contemplate during March.

My February challenge isn't yet posted since I've been a bit busy. I hope to have that one up next week but I'm going to begin thinking on this current one too. Won't you join me? Here is how you can be part of the creative challenge too.

Here is How to Enter:

1. Create a bead or piece of jewelry that is based on the image/theme of the month. If entering a peice of jewelry, please don't just string beads but push yourself to explore new materials, techniques and ideas. Beads can be made from any material such as paper, clay, lampwork or seedbeads. Or anything else I may have excluded.....Its all about the beads!

2. Post your creation on our flickr group.

The purpose of this challenge is to find inspiration and to then inspire others by what you have made.


總共多少 said...
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kimberly Roberts said...

I'd love to join your flickr group and try your challenges, but I am a self taught beadmaker and am still learning.....hope this is ok :)