Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Class with Melanie

What a FaNTasTic class with Melanie! What can I say, I enjoyed every aspect! She shared plenty of information about technique and her beads.......they are to die for. I loved her German accent too.....

I really like watching other bead artists work. Everyone has their own style of working....Melanie holds her mandrel the "European" way.....underhand. Of course she would right? I remember learning from Emilio Santini this variation in grip.....minor detail but interesting.

Another slight difference in her working style is that she chooses to marver her beads with the graphite paddle above the bead rather than below. 

We all made some wicked cool murrini too. Murrini's are not among Melanies favorites but she was kind enough to share her method of making them.....I LoVe the way mine came out!!

How could I not include a picture of her beads!? Just yummy!!

I had to have my picture taken with this wonderful artist. I TOTALLY connected with her.....her style, her approach, her personality......okay, I love her :) It was extremely HOT yesterday and working at the torch for several hours was even hotter. So by the end of the day I was sweatie, stinkie, my hair was completely out of control and my make up had melted off my face.........why Melanie looks good is beyond me.......I assume its because she makes it all seem so effortless.


Cherry Chick said...

I did not 'know' of this Melanie but with one quick Google search of "Melanie lampwork beads" I found her Flickr page pictures. Awesome stuff! How fortunate for you that you had the opportunity to work with her. Congrats!
Thank you for sharing with us, too.

steufel said...

Sounds like fun - and the good thing is - perhaps I can take a class in Germany with her. Usually I'm green with envy when I read about all those great classes that are offered in your part of the world. In Germany it's merely meager to put it politely.

Linda said...

Oh, do take a class with her if you get a chance! Not sure how much she teaches in Germany.....sounded like she teaches mostly in the states but don't go by me.....check out her website and contact her :)

Yee said...

Lucky duck! This is a class that is definitely on my "to-do" list.