Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gathering Highlights

This is where I spent much of my, tools, etc....Not many vendors were at our Gathering but that didn't stop the shopping!

This was our class with Kirsten. A small group of us but that was actually GREAT! We got lots of attention and a wealth of information. I love small classes!

This made me laugh. Kate, who is from Australia, was beading AND texting! Maybe Oprah should start a campaign against this form of distracted engagement!! To funny.

Brad and I stop for a quick picture while shopping. I took his class prior to the Gathering and learned lots. Next week I take a class with Melanie Moertel (may have spelled her last name wrong) and look forward to that too!

Now please go over to my Etsy Shop and shop! I will have a few beads up later today.

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Kerri said...

i'm glad she wasn't beading, and texting and driving-