Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday!

This past week has been interesting to say the many of you know, I'm an art teacher by day and have been teaching for 16 years. Our district is purposing significant cuts to art, music and library. I will still have a job but will travel between two have no idea what this really means. Six full time art teachers, 6 music and 6 librarians will be unemployed.

So, my sketchbook has suffered because I didn't give it time this week....

But when I did allocate the time, sketching was relaxing........ Today I am out in the studio making beads.....spring is my inspiration yet again. 

I hold onto Hopefullness that those in charge will see the light. 
Just imagine how gosh darn boring school is going to become for all your children.....the arts are vital for so many reasons. It is a place where being the best isn't the goal........ its really about self expression, exploration, experimentation, critical thinking..............okay, I'll get off my soap box :)


lynsey said...

It's such a shame, the government is cutting funds to the arts over here in the UK too. As someone who is attending art college,(and perhaps hoping to teach), i cant understand why. Life would be so dull without art in it don't you think?

rosebud101 said...

My heart goes out to all teachers. Arts are always the first to go! Sorry you will have to travel so much. That's hard, too.

Alice said...

Oh I get so angry when I hear things like this. Our governor took all the funding from the arts council and forced it to be funded by private donations. And yet we will always have sports in school. Why can't they see that the arts are just as important,and carry you through your life, whereas sports end when you are done with college. How many players go pro? Ugh, I'd better stop now.

Best of luck with all the changes.

Kerri said...

so sad to be making those cuts. there needs to be more, not less!