Monday, March 7, 2011

Studio Monday

These few pictures are'nt the best since they were taken with my phone...but here is a look at my messy work bench. Yes, its messy but I do know where everything is....I love my studio haven. Been contemplating having my studio off site rather then at home. Hmmmm..... there are so many great reasons to have it at home I wonder why I'm thinking of moving off site? The one major plus for having an off site studio would be seeing/chatting with other artists in the building and First Friday events. I really have no problem focusing on my work so that would not be a reason to get an off site studio...........still don't know.......still wondering. Seems like there has been this big thing to get a studio. I have several friends who now have them away from home and I guess love it. Still weighing it out for myself to see if it really makes good sense. Not in any hurry since I have a wonderful studio at home base.

Another photo from my phone....making some great spring inspired beads.

 And this photo is probably the worst of the 3.....but, here are my Lollipop Headpins. 


rosebud101 said...

That's really a lot to think about, Linda. Good luck in making your decision.

1129 said...

your art is fantastic!!! I love it!!!! hope you don't mind I justpublished a link about the display tutorial here
if you do I'll remove asap
have a wonderful women day

rosebud101 said...

I'm so glad I came back to this post. I thought I had posted, and I didn't. I love your studio! I know what you mean about knowing where everything is. It's hard for some people to understand, but it is easy to know where things are when you work in your space.

belvedere beads said...

Linda - it is still being renovated but if you would like to come look at the space I took in the Hungerford building let me know. It is the smallest size they have available but has more than enough elbow room for lampworking, it's incredibly reasonable rent-wise.

Linda said...

Lucinda I'd love to stop by and see your place...maybe in the next 2 weeks...I have a lot of art events planned for my school that I have to organize...Nancy is coming to do clay at one of them :)