Saturday, May 14, 2011

Season of Festivals

The festival season is being kicked off this weekend with our first festival of the summer, The Lilac Festival. It goes on for 2 weeks to celebrate our cities flower and today there is a parade at 11:00. Too bad the weather this weekend will be cool and wet. I will most likely go to it later today just to support all the artists who will be there rain or shine.

At the end of June I have my first show of this season at a gallery in Honeoye. Looking forward to it but I REALLY need to step up my pace. I have lots of pieces of things made but not much product put together. I truly believe that I work best under pressure since no matter what I try to put in place to schedule my work better, I go back to what must be comfortable.........working right up to deadline.

Today I plan on working at the torch. Along with the show, I have a my annual Hearts for Hannah coming up in June too. Yes, lots to do!


Patti said...

Yippee....more Hearts for Hannah! Can't wait to see them this year and snag up a few more.

Patti said...

Yippee, more Hearts for Hannah! Looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations you do this year and buying a few more.