Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday!

Happy Easter! I think spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast. Yesterday the temperature was in the low 60's, the buds on the trees are ready to burst and my forsythia bushes are in bloom! Today the weather was just okay but I know the good stuff is right around the corner.

I constructed this pendant the other day and I'm showing it on Sketchbook Sunday since the idea originated in my sketchbook! A few weeks ago I had an idea for something like this and then began making components. I made a silver birdhouse, found a nice piece of drift wood, and made what I now call Lollipop headpins. To me, this really says "Spring"!

I guess I've really been on a "house" theme as of late. This is a small 6 x6 mixed media painting I've done and will be submitting to the 6x6 art exhibit. This too has origins in my Art Journal book to be exact....and was a fun diversion to work on. I hope to make more 6 x6 paintings early this least one more....before I deliver them to the gallery.

Well, I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter Sunday! Looking forward to the Royal Wedding on Friday and then the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May!!


lynsey said...

The Pendant is beautiful Linda

Linda said...

Thanks! I made a second silver birdhouse so I'll have to see what becomes of that one :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful work as always Linda.