Friday, April 1, 2011

Technology and Stuff

My husband is a techie and always gets the latest in computers. BUT he just purchased a new MacBook Pro for me and I'm so thrilled! I can now take my show on the road and be one of those people who sit in Starbucks blogging, surfing and googling. This will also be a great way to work on report cards or create newsletters anywhere.....I love technology...most of the time. I'm also happy that I have a wonderful husband who keeps me up to date.

Yes, I've been making beads but my pace has been a bit relaxed. I have a trunk show coming up in late June at a gallery and need to pick up the pace soon. Since I'm working from my MacBook, I don't have any photographs loaded so pictures will need to wait.

Along with my bead making, I've been exploring other creative outlets. Art journaling has been a big one along with painting. Starting Monday I will be taking an e-course, Restore Your Soul, that is based on art journaling and writing. Anxious to start. I'm also participating in a photography project titled A Million Little Pictures. Photos will be touring the United States in a Photomobile in late stuff that helps to keep my Art Muse entertained.

Whats keeping your muse inspired?


rosebud101 said...

I love to read and explore blogs! This helps to keep my muse entertained!

sex shop said...

Love your Blog! I’ll be checkin out your archives! I specialize in “Best Of” posts, and your blog will be added to one of my posts.