Thursday, April 21, 2011

This and That

Although the weather has been very chilly and nothing at all like spring, I've had a wonderful spring break so far! The pace of my life is my own and I can flit from one thing to another as I please. Today I'm going to share some images of things I've been working on..........and my fluttering to this and that will be reflected!

This is my latest work in progress...I have much of it done but construction and the toggle await me to begin. This piece is a spin off of my Chihuly inspired necklaces. I like taking something I've done and re-interpreting it. I like to see the progression or evolution of work.

A mini Mother's Day brooch. This concept was not my idea. Sara Sally LaGrand began making these corsages and I thought I'd try my hand at it with my own spin. This one will belong to me since I'm sure I will have to fine tune my construction technique but I like it.

Here are some more of my Lollipop headpins. I used some in a pendant design yesterday and really like how they look. Want some?? Let me know and these will be up in my etsy shop!

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lynsey said...

i just adore your work, such fab colours