Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost Show Time!

This weekend is the Arts at the Garden show at Sonnenberg Gardens. I love this show. Beautiful landscape. The show volunteers and personnel are so kind. The artists are amazing one and all. AND the bathrooms are the best!

As you can guess, my days have been filled with making beads and constructing jewelry. I'm happy with my new work but would love to have more. If I wasn't such a procrastinator I would have more but it just is what it is.....Summer life has been busy of course. House projects, vacations, and family gatherings all take front stage..........but don't worry, I do have plenty of new things :)

After the show this weekend I will be getting ready for another in just 21/2 weeks. Its always a mad race to restock after a show but I've been doing this now for 13 years so I'm fairly use to it....And school starts during this time too......ugh.....I need more summer vacation!

I hope you will come out to the Sonnenberg show this weekend. My booth is E-1!

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