Sunday, May 11, 2008

Coming Together

In a past post I mentioned that I've been recently inspired by Dale Chilhuly. Really nothing new about that....I adore his work. But, I thought it would be interesting and fun to interpret one of his pieces into a necklace. I have some components ready (pictured above) but today,as I was playing with things on my work bench....the AHH, HAAA moment came. I think its going to be outstanding! I think I need lots of components however so don't expect anything to soon here. But when it comes to fruition, I will show it off here first!

Today, after a morning of torch work, we went on a very long and hilly bike ride....not a motorcycle ride either! It was 11 miles....not to bad but the hills were the killer! By summers end, my legs & butt will be rock hard if we keep this bike thing going! We have a small but growing group of "bikers" getting together to tour the bike trails in our area.

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