Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sheep & Wool Festival

Today I went out to a sheep & wool festival to purchase yarn and wool roving. It was exciting seeing and touching all that was there. Silly me, I thought there was actually going to be sheep there so we could watch a sheering. But, nope. No sheep. Thats okay, there was plenty to see without the sheep. I purchased brightly colored roving and spent some time this afternoon making felted beads. Peter said, "You just have to be making something, don't you?" Yup. Being too idle gets me in trouble :)

On our way home we went to Peter's office in Fairport and passed Jenkins Horse dream is to one day have a horse. I had to stop and take a picture. I missed a great photo opportunity on our way out to the Wool festival. There was a white horse on top of the hill....big sky, lots of grass and the fence in the foreground. The one I took on our way home will have to do for now.

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