Monday, January 31, 2011

February challenge- Experimental ART!

Sometimes experimenting with an art form other than the one you spend much of your time with opens creative doors. I love glass and working with it but even so, it can become ho hum if I let it. So, this next challenge involves stepping outside your glass bead box (or whatever artistic outlet you have) and into something way different. Painting, weaving, watercolors, drawing....whatever. Just give something else a try other then glass, beads and jewelry. Oh, come on. If Dale Chihuly does it, so can you!

I'll be posting some of my experimental work at the end of February and I hope you will too.

Loosen up. Have fun. Get crazy....................then post your experiments on our flickr group.

Here is How to Enter:

1. Create a piece of art of two based on theme of the month....February 2011 theme is EXPERIMENTAL ART.  This challenge is to encourage creative growth so don't make beads or jewelry.........experiment with something different!

2. Post your creation on our flickr group.

The purpose of this challenge is to find inspiration and to then inspire others by what you have made.

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