Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Resolutions from 2010 Did You Keep?

I was just going back through my 2010 posts to do a year in review here on my blog. What really caught my eye right off the bat was my 2010 list of resolutions. I quickly read through them and was happy to see that I really did stick to most of what I wanted to accomplish in 2010. Here is a quick re-cap;

1. I really did take a bunch of classes this year. Here is who I took lessons with; Trey Cornette, Brad Pearson, Melanie Mortel, Hadar Jacobson (pmc)  and Kirsten R (putting photographs on beads)

2. I did really put more effort into my blogging and etsy shop.....still need to improve on the website. I'm actually thinking of putting a "buy now" button to see how that goes.......who knows.

3.  My studio is still messy but it is in much better shape then at this time last year. Some things you just have to give into and a chaotic work space, for me, is one of them.

Under Family Things..

1. Nope. We really didn't do many mini vacations as we had planned. Conferences and jury duty kinda took care of that.

2.  Yes, we took plenty of motorcycle rides and that was a blast!

Other stuff....

Yes! I finished up knitting projects but also began new ones that need finishing. We had more get togethers with friends as planned and I did take a few cooking classes with friends.

So, I feel that I did a great job at attempting to really attain all that I wanted in 2010. This new year still has me thinking but I hope to outline a 2011 plan soon!

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