Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Now That 2010 Is Here.......

A new year and a time to reflect and refresh. One of the first things I do to begin the new year is I clean up and clear out my studio of things I don't need or want, I donate old clothing to the Volunteers and I pack away all the holiday stuff until next season. But I also think about how I want to approach the new year. What do I hope to do or accomplish? What do I have planned?

Goals for the new year:
1. I want to take more classes to learn more techniques & develop my skills in my bead & jewelry making. Reading & doing tutorials is great but nothing replaces a hands on class with someone you respect. I actually have a class I'm going to in April......a little nail biting for me since I have to drive to Pennsylvania solo for this. I hate driving alone but I'll do it! Its on my list right?!

2. I plan to improve my upkeep of my website, etsy shop and blogging. Its rather hard keeping all the balls in the air with a full time day job, family and a small business. Each year I actually DO improve on these "business things" but I would really like to feel consistent with it in 2010.

3. I'd like to keep my studio....actually studios in relative good order. I have my glass studio equipped with torches and kilns and I have my everything else studio in a nice big room in the basement. The tidiness of my studio spaces goes in waves. They can be really orderly but as soon as festival season or the holidays roll around, they are in total chaos! I know I can corral this cycle a bit better with just a little mindfulness. Of course I will still have these cycles but maybe not as extreme.

Family Things for 2010:
1. I really enjoy short little vacations during the summer. We plan to take a short 4 day vacation to Cape Cod, one of my most favorite spots to visit. I love the salty air and all the people watching in Province Town.

2. Day trips on the motorcycle.......Oh, I love warm days riding on the back of my husbands bike through the southern tier of Upstate NY. The only downside, I can't shop too much. Not much fits into the saddle bags. I don't have any place specific that I want to go....I just want to go.

Other stuff for 2010:
1. Go on a retreat to take in some yoga and relaxation. I love yoga but it tends to get pushed to the back when things get busy. I have a friend who is frequently taking retreats and always comes home with a great outlook on things. Thats what I want.

2. Take a few cooking classes. There is a great culinary institue near by and I would love to take a few classes just for fun.

3. Finish knitting my many projects that have piled up.

4. Plan more get together with friends! We just hosted 2 parties this holiday season and they were just so much fun that I want to do more!

Thats some highlights of what I look forward to during 2010........I love a new year and a fresh outlook.

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Misobel (Mary) said...

Happy new year to you!
Sounds like you have very specific goals- I wish you health and happiness in all your efforts!

In the future I hope to blog about yoga and relaxation exercises you can do at home or in the office. ;)