Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hot Stuff!

I'm holding true to my goals (not resolutions) for the new year and I'm taking a class with Trey!! His work is awesome and I haven't taken a class with a glass artist in a few years. This will be such a treat. Besides the obvious, you also learn subtle things when working with someone....sometimes these can be just as good or even better than the class content. At any rate....I'm feeling excited and oh, so lucky to be taking a class with Trey!


Deb said...

Linda - you are indeed fortunate!

I adore Treys work & from what I have read from people that have taken one of his classes, everyone, at any level, will come away with new skills (not that you need them, but I do!)

Frankly I have been blown away by some of the immediate improvements I have seen from people who have taken a class with Trey. I am so envious!

Have fun! ...& keep those of us who can only live vicariously posted ;)

Linda said...

Hi Deb~ Yeah, I'm really excited. There is always something to learn with glass and then proficency is a whole other thing! I just know Trey has a lot to offer, I hope I get it all!!

I'll definitly share some good tips once I'm done :)