Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Class with Sharon Peters

Last week it was the Gathering and my class with Kim Edwards. This week I took a class with Sharon Peters and boy was it silly fun! Sharon is a warm, funny, giving instructor with a great sense of humor!

Sharon's work in not my usual style but I love taking classes. You just never know what you will learn. I picked up lots of great tips besides the techniques she was teaching and I WILL be making some silly style beads.......why not?

I thought I'd make some "silly" beads to give to students this year as rewards. Or, maybe I'll present them as auction items to raise money for the art room.......I'd love to get an Elmo to use in my room. Not the sesame street character, an Elmo is a document projector which can be used daily in the art room.

Sharon is the queen of silly beads. She makes dragons, goblins, chickens....all in a silly creative way. Can you see the start of Goblin eyes on the bead she is working on in the flame?

I'm waiting to pick up my beads so I have nothing really to show you of mine. 
On a side note: If you haven't, I'd recommend taking as many classes as you can. 
You just never know what cool, useful information you'll pick up!

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