Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Vacation Begins Today!

The school year has ended for teachers, the day camp I was teaching at is completed and now I am ready to begin my time of rest, relaxation and recovery from a busy year!

I love my day job as an art teacher but I don't believe many realize how draining it is to be with children  5 days a week in a scheduled "work" environment. No matter how fun and exciting teaching art is, there still is all the preparation of materials, record keeping, report cards, meetings and the high energy of young people. I love it but rest is great too!

I am finishing up one last order for Hearts for Hannah and will be reporting how much will be donated this year. It will be significantly less I am sure since it has become increasingly more difficult to keep all the balls in the air so to speak. Still, I think we will have a respectable amount to give in Hannah's memory.

Next year, I am working on revising my fundraising event. Yes, I am continuing to support Joining Hearts and Hands but I really need to find a more efficient way for me to do my creative part. I have plenty of time to think on this so no rush here.

I have many things planned for my summer break. I will be attending a glass conference in late July, taking a class with a master glass worker and, as always, prepping for my shows that start in August. Another plan for my summer is to continue my focus on my painting. It is a wonderfully free method of painting that I am currently doing and gives me  great joy. As of now, I do these paintings for myself. However, I am considering offering some of my work as prints and cards......who knows.

Here is my latest painting but still in process. The goal is to have it complete by the weekend!

Color, just like my beads, is a big part of all my creative endeavors. I still have work to do on this so check back to see how it turns out :)


Patti said...

WOW Linda......I love your painting!!! All those colors together are glorious.

Linda said...

Thank you so much Patti! I must admit, I'm a bit bashful about showing my paintings since I'm not super confident in this aspect of my creative life. Kind words help me :)

la mar de bonita said...

Waht a great painting, Linda! Love it! It is full of joy of living!

Caja-Lampwork, Glasschmuck said...

Hello, Linda,
Your painting is wonderful.
I love these many coloured colours.

pam ferrari said...

Love your painting! The colors are gorgeous.

Tobias said...