Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You Rude??

I'm tuned into Oprah and this is the question....Are you rude? The author of the book, Choosing Civility, is on talking about rudeness and how it effects us. Gosh, I sure think people are rude....not everyone of course, but a high number of people are. PI think people don't consider how others would feel....they can't see anothers point of view. Yes, I've done rude things and as an adult, I've felt terrible about it (most of the time). Yes, people have been rude to me. OMG....and I think the worldwide web has given passive aggresive types the perfect camoflauge of being rude too.

Anywho, I think its a great discussion and it certainly makes you think. I know I'm going to be more conscious of how I act and treat others.....How about you? I can think of a few people who need to check themselves :)

Oooohhh, Check out the blog, Waiter Rant.........interesting.


Deb said...

I like to think that I'm not rude. I can't be too bad - because almost daily I am astounded at the actions of others...people that slip into a car park from the other direction, when they can see you already waiting there with indicator on, for the car vacating it to finish getting out the way. People that push into queues in front of you & think it's ok - that their haste is more important than your's. Tradesmen that don't turn up on time, or people that just don't say please or Thank you.

Somehow I think a lot has to do with society & the 'hurry' that everyone seems to be in these days - but a lot has to do with arrogance & expectation. Either way there is no excuse :o)

rosebud101 said...

That is a good question! I hope I'm not terribly rude, but I think, that at many times, I am rude. I think people are just so preoccupied that we don't realize that what we do and what we say is simply not becoming. That's a term we have forgotten as a society. I think we need to put it back into our vocabularies.

Linda said...

The show raised some good points that really made you think. Cell phones were a hot topic. People talking on them while checking out at a register for instance....was classified as rude but by today's standards you see it all the time. I'm always surprised at how many people just don't even say good morning or hello!....Even after you say it to them!!! Can't tell you how often that happens.

What I took away from it all was to be more mindful of my actions. I would not say I am rude but have done rude things from time to time out of haste or anger.

rosebud101 said...

Hi, Linda, I just wanted to let you know I tagged you. Check my blog for details.

angelinabeadalina said...

I try not to be, but I'm sure there are plenty of times when I don't even realize how rude I am being. Programs like the one you watched are one more way to remind us all to think about what we do and say before we do it or say it. Thanks for the reminder :)