Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

On Saturday Pete and I went to Fairports Scarecrow Festival. What fun. It was a day and night long event filled with what else, scarecrows, food and shopping! Pete works in Fairport and his transportation department all worked as a team and created a scarecrow for the event. I was so excited to see Pete working on a creative endeavor!!! He was really in to it too. I think it came out fantastic.

While we were strolling around I came across an interesting sign. Carrot Dogs?! Pete thought this was just the name of the vendor but I needed to really find out. Nope. It was a Carrot on a Hot Dog bun! I love carrots. After we walked around for a bit I came back and tried one. Delicious! A new favorite of mine.

I love the fall and all that it brings. The cider, the colors and all that is harvested is something I look forward to each year. Spring, Summer and Fall are all the seasons I like. Winter is the one I have a hard time with. I hate being cold. And, it gets so dark so early that I feel like I have to get to bed so early. I do try however to enjoy the cold months of winter. We skate, crosscountry ski and sled. But I really like knitting inside under a warm blanket the best :) Gosh, I sound like an old lady :)


angelinabeadalina said...

The Scarecrow Festival looks like it was a lot of fun! Now, I'm wondering about those carrot dogs...carrots are pretty good, so I can almost imagine a carrot dog. Almost. Do ya put relish or something on it, like putting goodies on a hot dog?

Linda said...

Oh, yes! I put onions, mustard and ketchup and it was delicious! I was told that you pare boil the carrots first and then marinade them in an italian dressing....it was a secret I guess so not real sure. You've got to try them!!

rosebud101 said...

The Scarecrow Festival looks like a lot of fun! I will try a carrot dog. Sounds good to me.

Deb said...

Linda - that looks like it was so much fun.
Autumn is such a wonderful time of year - although nowhere near as exciting here as it appears to be in the USA. I love the colous of Autumn as well.... but I love the heat of Summer more ;o)