Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Certified

WOW. The last two days have been intense. I'm taking a 3 day certification course in PMC. So, if I pass, I will be a certified instructor...Whoooo, hoooooo!! I've been exhausted at the end of each day but am totally enjoying myself.

Our instructor, Celie Fago is just so darn nice. Her work is amazing. She makes it all seem so simple but believe me, its challenging. The Tetrahedron had everyone pulling their hair out!

We made a ring today with gold, ooooooh,aaaaaahhhhh! And tomorrow we'll make another ring with a stone and other interesting things....Each project is designed to have you perfect certain skills so its not a do your own thing kind of class. Of course the embellishments are your own but in order to pass, you have to be able to do certain skills with the pmc. Gosh, I hate tests!!!

These are our lentil beads........they all came out terrific! I'm going to patina mine tonight if I can stay awake. I'll show you all my goodies once they are all complete.

Oh, and a bonus to this class.......I met up with a long time friend! Karen too is taking this course and I'm so happy that we are working together. We've already discussed "play dates" Can't wait!

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angelinabeadalina said...

That tray of lentils looks like a treasure trove for some designers! Can't wait to see more pics :)