Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Certified!!

3 hard but glorious days of precious metal clay and now I'm a certified instructor! Like lampworking, there is just so much to learn. I think this is just ticket I needed to keep me movin and grovin with my jewelry in a fresh new way. Also, Its nice to bird walk away from your main creative element and become involved with something else. I find it to be stimulating and opens the gates to growth as an artist.

Honestly, its been such a busy & intense 3 days that I just don't feel like uploading images to share. I made a great ring with silver & gold, a nice lental bead, woven earrings and a really neat pen. Plus, so much more detail information that my brain is just floating in what to do next!

Back to reality tomorrow and its back to work. I feel that I need a two day weekend however....thats how pooped I am :) To prepare for tomorrow I just had to finish up making sugar skulls! Like my day wasn't busy enough! Oh, but the kids love decorating them and learning about Days of the Dead!


rosebud101 said...

Congratulations, Linda! People say I'm certified, but not in PMC! lol

angelinabeadalina said...

Congratulations, Linda! You're not only certified, you're diversified in your art :) What an intense weekend!

Linda said...

Thanks you two. Oh, I just wish I could share with you up close what I've learned. I'll get some photos up this weekend. You both would have loved this past weekend!!