Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hearts for Hannah Batch #9

Good Morning! Here is Batch #9....all ready to go! Of course, more will come tomorrow. If you are new to this blog and are wondering about these hearts & how to get one, please scroll down to see how this all works. Its first come, first serve so you have to be quick.

This is the final week for the Hearts for Hannah. You will have until Thursday to claim a heart. My plan is to do this fundraiser every June until I just can't sell anymore hearts!

If you miss out on this fundraiser, I am always making hearts. I sell my work at the Memorial ARt Gallery, Ock Hee's Gallery, at local Festivals and I have an Etsy shop. Hearts are a main staple of what I do. Hope you will check back here often to see what I have for sale.......even after Hearts for Hannah has ended :)


Susan said...

Linda- May I purchase the pink polka dot one, the blue one above it, and the blue one at about 4:00 (with the orange and blue circle)?

Carly Reads said...

Hi! I would like the red one with the clear wings. Do I email you to arrange a pickup (if the red one is available) or do you email me? If you email me, my email address is carlym(at)rochester(dot)rr(dot)com. Thanks so much!

(I just found out about this incredible fundraiser on the local news this morning. I'm so glad I googled it!)

Linda said...

Hi Carly- the red one is yours! I will set aside!